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We are Technology Experts, Digital Natives, IT Architects and Strategists. Benefit from more than 20 years of project experience. Learn more about our approach for a successful transformation of your enterprise IT.

We have proven record of successful architecture transformation and change management in companies. Within our projects we usually adopt both - methodical frameworks as well as innovative approaches.

Our recommendations are solid and feasible: We support projects through definition phases and the implementation and integration.

Our references

Cloud Transformation Management

Why choose us?

There are many consulting companies who claim to successfully transform an enteprise IT to the cloud. ITM delivers success: We maintain a portfolio of excellent references from various industries.
We are proud of multiple successful projects with all our valued clients on their way into the cloud.

AWS Partner

Challenges and complexities of IT within corporations not only require experience but also process know-how and technical skills. We have the ability to develop a working concept for your cloud initiative including all aspects of an enterprise IT.

ITM has developed a Cloud Adoption Framework that can be used as a blueprint for your cloud integration and adresses all levels of dependencies.

Cloud Strategy Development

The cloud is a broadly defined, yet sometimes still an unclear term. Many different approaches and the hype of the term in marketing initiatives has resulted in decisive and instrumental approaches fading into the background. It is therefore especially important to be aware of the different levels of development, in order to be able to develop a cloud strategy that is appropriate and suitable to your company and all individual processes.

We provide support for the adoption of the enterprise cloud as well as each individual stage in the evolutionary process.

This enables us to provide our clients with a targeted implementation plan, allowing them to reap all the benefits that Cloud Computing has to offer:

  • Develop a strategy and understand enterprise IT
  • Identify opportunities evaluate the complexity
  • Manage activities
  • Realise potential

Planning and Visualizing Cloud Paradigms

We currently recognise two significant trends: The expansion of datacentres and migration from legacy systems to the cloud. Infrastructure as a Service, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service are perfectly suitable approaches for planning the company’s movement to the cloud and is beneficial in communicating the ideas and the approach itself to management.

Cloud Transformation with AWS and Alfabet

For many years we have cultivated strategical cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and also with Software AG.

We utilize Software AG’s Alfabet to strategically and methodically plan cloud transformation projects on the basis of application assesments and infrastructure analysis.

We integrate Alfabet with the cloud console from AWS. This enables us to evaluate complex IT landscapes and to measure precisely your company’s cloud penetration level.

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Our Cloud Approach

Learn more about our approach for enterprise cloud transformation. We create concepts and integrate them for our clients. Ask us for our project examples!
(Video in German)

You can find more videos about us in our YouTube Channel.

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

A structured plan and a common language ensure the success of strategic modifications. We provide operational support for EAM rollouts as well as assistance in the management of the EAM project.

Include all architectural levels

It is important to include all architectural levels as well as all company levels for successful Enterprise Architecture Management. Project members, transparent processes, understandable methods and simple models are all important factors. We can adapt the processes, methods and modelling to suit the needs of your individual company and communicate them.

Enterprise Architecture Lifecycle

Enterprise architecture principles and continual accompaniment from implementation projects ensure the long term focus and alignment of IT to the company’s objectives and strategy. Architectural principles offer guidance and contribute as a basis for decision making.

Iterations with blueprints and principles can help to consolidate the necessary architectural decisions. An appropriate cycle for each architecture focus is required to be set and followed subsequentially. We make sure the selected architecture blueprints give regard to the future and not just the current state.

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IT Architecture Management Tools

It is often a challenge to make the right decisions as well as in less complex but manageable organisations. Successful enterprise architecture management requires a disciplined methodical approach and an clear language that all relevant decision makers can understand and interpret. We are acquainted with a variety of tools that facilitate and make the construction of a strategic planning platform possible.

Software AG’s Alfabet

Software AG’s IT planning and portfolio management Alfabet tool supports decision makers to make the correct investment decisions. We are Alfabet professionals, having worked with the software for more than 10 years.

We provide training sessions, manuals and also second and third level support for the EA tool in order to offer you the highest quality and agility possible.


Our long-standing expertise involving the integration, configuration and the operation of Alfabet, has enabled us to build an internal team of experts specialising in the Alfabet platform. This also includes all methodical solutions (e.g. via TOGAF). We set ourselves apart from the rest especially with our accomplished expertise in the following areas:

  • Application portfolio management and roadmapping
  • Dashboards (Both internal and external)
  • Alfabet evaluations
  • Collaboration solutions
  • Alfabet clients for complex environments

LeanIX: EAM for everybody

leanIX helps companies to create and sustain a smart information hub about their application landscape. Effective and easy to use for every employee: not only for business but also for development and for operations.


Create an up-to-date single source of truth as a foundation for decisions. Get a 360 degree view in Fact Sheets and see all related providers and services for the application.

LeanIX can be operated on-premise or can be used as software as a service. We offer the following services with LeanIX:

  • Plan and support complex IT-Transformations with LeanIX
  • Integrate LeanIX as central inventory for DevOps and Microservices
  • Object definitions, data consolidation, rollout and support with EAM methods
  • Creation of reporting dashboards and environments (also including data from other tools)
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Excellent references

All of our clients are based in different industries and are all leaders in their own areas and we are very proud to work for them. Wir have strong competencies within all topics of IT. Some of our clients include:

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

Audi AG

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG


BMW Financial Services

Daimler AG

Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

Fiducia IT AG

Generali Versicherung AG

IBM Deutschland

Merck KGaA

Porsche Financial Services GmbH

Robert Bosch GmbH


Volkswagen AG

Agile and traditional project management

Most challenges start with a defined procedure and approach. Working together, we are able to identify a suitable method, define milestones and structure projects from the very beginning. We provide support during the execution in the context of a project management office and are not afraid of agile approaches either. Scrum as an agile method, is also often suitable for projects which don’t concern software development. We like to rely on the methods of PMI in regards to traditional project management.

Traditional project management

Our approach to traditional project management is based on the methods of PMI. We are able to structure your project with you in different phases that are established with regards to the project. Feel free to ask about our project guide which can also provide you with extra information.

Agile project management

In our line of work we recognise more and more the demand for being able to carry out the requirement cycles agilely and to have them flow easily into the project. The contact with stakeholders is however only frequent in sequential project management approaches within the requirements phase. Because of this, it is significantly important that the documented requirements are formulated precisely and that all participants have the same understanding.

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Cloud System Architecture and Product-related IT

We are able to combine the newest web and mobile applications with your enterprise systems. In the process we are very vigilant about optimised development processes, for example automated workflows by means of CI or CD (Jenkins). Our system architectures constantly exceed the boundaries of traditional IT for example within the scope of an integrated fleet management. We work together very closely with product development in order to enable the end user a product experience that feels orientated towards them and that is not focused on the capabilities of the system.

Here Is A Selection Of Our Services:

  • Transformation from N-tier architectures into horizontal scalable cloud solutions
  • Elastic horizontal scalable architectures
  • .NET, ABAP, DNN, OpenSource
  • Intergration of big data solutions: ElasticSearch, Kibana
  • Enterprise interface integration of ERP and Web systems (e.g. with .NET and SAP)
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Our Partners

Amazon Web Services
Software AG
Google for Work
Microsoft Azure
The OpenGroup

Responsibility and proximity

Our consultants work for our clients all around Germany. We put a high emphasis on being close to the project and the respective relative questions.

Competency and curiosity

We are constantly developing with qualification steps for our employees. We host regular communities which enables our employees to trade, expand and develop their knowledge and technical IT skills.

Creativity and flexibility

We aspire towards unique results. We require a high level of flexibility from our employees and promote creative approaches.

100% Independent We always strive to find the best solution that fits your business and requirements. ITM guarantees 100% independent advice.
20 Years ITM was established in 1995.
20 years’ worth of experience and a constant close proximity to the latest methods and technologies.
great References All our clients are leaders in their own areas and so are we. Our excellence lies in the synergy of IT architecture, latest technology and transformation experience.